August 22, 2023 · 5 mins read

What is the ZET Sales Genius Program?

Komal Begwani

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ZET is on a mission to enable financial inclusion for the next billion Indians & making their Zindagi Set. We have built a platform that allows users to sell financial products and earn money online with the potential to make up to ₹1 lakh per month.

ZET is one of the best earning apps, recommended by our users. To make your experience more rewarding, we have introduced the ZET Sales Genius Program. This program will reward our loyal users beyond their regular payouts and help them earn up to 15% higher payout on every sale of credit cards & loans.

What is the ZET Sales Genius Program?

The ZET Sales Genius Program is our latest introduction to reward our loyal agents beyond their regular payouts. This program will help them set their sales goals and move to the highest level where they will get rewards & gifts like-

This program will unlock a competitive advantage for our agents to sell more and keep them motivated with a higher payout and additional gifts.

How to participate in the ZET Sales Genius Program?

Based on the number of sales an agent makes, he/she will be in either of these 4 levels in the ZET Sales Genius Program-


As the name suggests, you will start as a Beginner. If you have done at least 2 sales in the past 30 days you will be positioned as a Pro, and similarly, if you have done 7 sales in the past 45 days or 15 sales in the past 75 days, you will be an Expert & a Genius respectively. As you complete your targets, you will keep upgrading the ladder.

For example, if you are starting as a Pro in the ZET Sales Genius Program you need to complete 7 sales in 45 days to become an Expert. You can sell HDFC credit cards, IDFC First credit card, MoneyView loans, etc. to be eligible for the count. In short, only sales of credit card and loans are applicable under the ZET Sales Genius Program.

Once you become an Expert you’ll be able to enjoy benefits like-

Similarly, once you complete 15 sales within 75 days of becoming an Expert, you will be upgraded & become a Genius. By becoming a Genius, you can enjoy exclusive benefits like-

In case you fail to achieve your sales target within 45 days, you will be provided with 15 extra days to complete your open leads. However, if you still are unable to meet your target, you will have to go back to being a Beginner.

What are the benefits of the ZET Sales Genius Program?

ZET Sales Genius Program helps you earn up to a 15% higher payout in addition to a regular payout. The benefits include-

1. Higher Payout: Users can increase their earnings by 15% on every sale of credit cards & loans. Based on the user’s level, a higher payout will look something like this-

2. ZET Onboarding Kit: This is a gift from us to our users with their personalized offer letters, ID Cards, etc. which will be delivered to their doorsteps. A user must fill in their address & t-shirt size in the provided section.

3. ZET Coins: ZET Coins are rewards that users get on every customer addition & sale fulfillment. Users also get it as a welcome bonus when they enter a level. ZET Coins can either be converted into cash or used on the ZET store (a virtual online store that we will be launching soon). The value of 100 ZET Coins is ₹5 in cash whereas if you redeem it via ZET Store, 100 ZET Coins will be worth ₹10.

4. Other Gifts: Users will receive various gifts like earphones, smartwatches, etc. based on the level, they are in. This will also be delivered to their doorsteps within 30 days of entering your address details.

5. Referral Program: You will receive ₹100 on your first sale, ₹500 on your second sale & 5% of the base payout through the referral program. However, a Beginner can claim the 5% referral payout after becoming a Pro.

Along with the above benefits, users can enjoy benefits like special training, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What are ZET Coins & how can I redeem them?

ZET Coins are rewards that ZET gives you as a welcome bonus and on every customer addition & sales fulfillment. You can redeem these as cash or on the ZET store which will be launching soon. 100 ZET Coins equals ₹5 in cash whereas it equals ₹10 on the ZET store.

Q.2: Are all sales eligible in the ZET Sales Genius Program?

Gifts & rewards in the ZET Sales Genius Program are applicable only on the sale of credit cards & loans.