August 10, 2023 · 4 mins read

What's New on ZET: Latest Updates & Offerings

Anusha Batra

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In today’s technology-driven world, earning from the comforts of your home has become a reality cherished by most. In the last few years, money-earning apps have picked up quite a lot in India. At the forefront of these is ZET (Previously OneCode)- a simple platform that enables users to sell financial products & services online and earn up to ₹1,00,000 monthly without any investment. Anyone, irrespective of age, expertise or background, can sign up on ZET and earn extra money without any investment. In this blog, we will discuss the latest updates about ZET.

From OneCode to ZET- Zindagi Set

In its rebranded avatar, ZET has launched various new product offerings like reopening expired leads, refer & earn program, ZET Sales Genius Program and much more. In the last three months alone, 14 top brands were added like HDFC, ICICI, MobiKwik, MoneyView and SmartCoin, to name a few. But that's not all! The ZET App is now more user-friendly than ever and offers greater earning opportunities. While earlier you could earn upto ₹50,000 monthly, with the new brands added and revised payouts of old brands, ZET Agents can easily earn upto ₹1 Lac every month.

ZET Sales GENIUS Program

The "ZET Sales GENIUS Program" is a tiered rewards program for sales professionals. It offers benefits and rewards based on sales performance. There are four levels: Beginner, Pro, Expert, and Genius. ZET users must meet specific sales targets within set timeframes to progress. Each level has its own criteria and perks, such as higher payouts, welcome ZET Coins, special gifts like smartwatches & wireless earphones, ZET onboarding kit, special training, and exclusive rewards. Users can earn ZET Coins through customer addition and subsequent application completion, which can be later redeemed through the ZET Store or converted into cash. The program celebrates loyal ZET agents and aims to motivate them to further improve their skills and achieve higher levels of success.

Refer & Earn- Build your Network on ZET & Earn

One of the standout features of ZET is its new referral policy. By sharing their unique referral link with their network, ZET agents can earn rewards in not just one, but two ways. Firstly, when 15 members in a user’s network sell two products each from the category - credit cards, loans, or BNPL- in a month, they can earn flat Rs. 10,000 per month. Additionally, they can also earn 15% of their network's earnings within the first 30 days of adding the same.

Reopen Expired Leads & Maximize Earning Potential:

In OneCode, whenever a user’s lead expired, there was no way he/she could help the customer complete the application process. However, ZET enables the agent to reopen expired leads and complete the application process for the user. In fact, if the customer completes their journey after reopening, the agent becomes eligible for the applicable payout. This feature ensures that effort put in the direction of making a sale goes to waste and thus, helps maximize the agent’s earning potential.

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ZET is an incredible upgrade over OneCode and offers a seamless and enhanced user experience, facilitating the user’s online earning journey. With ZET, get ready to earn amazing payouts and grow your earnings without any investment. Don't miss out on the chance to start your journey to financial success. Download the ZET app today and unlock your earning potential. Join the community of lakhs of Indians who trust ZET as their earning partner. So get started with ZET and start earning today!

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